Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of why it is important:

  • School lockdown — no one in or out of the school or classrooms; school violence situations
  • Multiple students and faculty were injured. This can happen in a natural or man-caused disaster. A single first aid kit in the office can’t help everyone at the same time. Immediate access to life-saving medical supplies is critical.
  • With some medical emergencies, it could be hours before first responders can arrive---having a first aid kit in every classroom could save lives!

Schools would agree that having first aid kits throughout the school would be ideal; unfortunately, they are budget-constrained and simply can’t afford to place one in each classroom. This is where and you come in.

You are free to use the extra kit as you will (field trips, etc.) or give it to another teacher for their classroom. Our goal: a first aid kit in every classroom!

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