A note pinned to a cork board with the words spread the word.

Help Spread the Word!

At Kit 2 Classroom, we envision raising awareness about a critical issue that often goes unnoticed: the lack of medical emergency preparedness in our children's classrooms. In unforeseen circumstances such as lockdowns, multiple injuries, or disasters, every second counts, and having the right resources can be a matter of life and death.

You can Make a Difference

You can play a crucial role in bringing about a much-needed difference by spreading the word. Here is how –

  • Engage with your Parent Teacher Association or Organization to use existing communication channels to encourage schools, districts, and parents to place first aid kits in each classroom.
  • Teachers/School Administrators: Advocate for the importance of well-stocked first aid kits and emergency supplies in every classroom.
  • Social Media: Share kit2classroom.org on your Facebook and Instagram, urging your network to join the movement for safer schools.
  • School Nurse: Collaborate with the school nurse to ensure medical professionals are aware of the initiative.
  • School Communication Channels: Utilize official channels to convey the significance of emergency preparedness to parents and the school community.
  • Family and Friends: Extend the message to family members, friends, and anyone concerned about the safety of children in schools.
  • Businesses: Engage local businesses in supporting this cause, emphasizing its impact on community safety.

Help us create a safer environment for all students by spreading awareness and ensuring that every classroom is equipped to handle unexpected medical situations. Together, we can make a life-saving impact.